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At Allure Pools there is no job too small or too big for us to handle, whether is be commercial or residential. We particularly specialise in suspended pool construction. Having knowledge in all areas of swimming pools construction our focus is in Formwork and Steel reinforcement. We use a mixture of quality Australian made formwork (Ausply plywood and TruForm LVL timbers) and recycled timber products and Australian Reinforcement products (ARC and ONE STEEL).

Basic Swimming Pools
Pools where the base of the structure is entirely on ground, these jobs may be entirely in ground with a simple edge board along the top perimeter or require some formwork to the walls of the pool. Additional features may be added to these pools e.g. spas, feature walls, wet deck, weir walls, large walkways etc. Timeframe for basic swimming pools is in the range of 1-5 days depending on the site and job difficulty.

Suspended Swimming Pools
Pools where the base of the structure is suspended on columns, these jobs require adequate formwork for the floor of the pool. Extra reinforcement is required according to the engineers requirements. Suspended pools may contain all of the features listed for basic swimming pools. Timeframe for a suspended swimming pool is in the range of 10-15 days depending of the site and job difficulty.

Partially Suspended Swimming Pools
Same as suspended swimming pools but having part of the pool floor resting on the ground. Timeframe is slightly less than that of a suspended pool ie 5-10 days.

Fountains, Rivers, Retaining Walls and Miscellaneous jobs
A number of jobs other than swimming pools have been undertaken over time. Most recently a theme restaurant required a flowing river, large fountains, retaining walls. As well as these other miscellaneous jobs have been undertaken such suspended slabs, footings, small concrete jobs, hand excavations. All jobs within our capabilities will be quoted, so don't hesitate to ask.

Residential Suspended Slabs
As well as swimming pools, we are equipped to undertake suspended concrete slabs for residential dwellings. Quotes can be provided for formwork, steelfixing and supply, and concrete placement and supply as a whole or individually. We can also provide quotes for concrete slabs on ground, for residential houses, garages etc.

Feel free to view our photo gallery for pictures of jobs we have undertaken.